Seville sunset

Getting to Seville

Happy Independence Day from Seville, Spain (a/k/a Sevilla, España). Checking out this incredible city (probably my favorite city in Europe so far) required first getting here. And it took me a full 24 hours. After an overnight flight from Washington to...

Passport and map

Last Few Minutes in the US (for awhile)

I’m sitting in the Washington Dulles airport having flashbacks to a time I sat in the Atlanta airport some five years ago. It was then that I was about to strike out on my first trip around the planet. Before...

Time Square in nighttime

A {Video} Tour of NYC

Let’s check out Time Square and the USS Intrepid. I visited both sites during a recent business trip to the Big Apple and took my camera along so you could see some of the highlights. Thanks for checking it out!

RTW Trip means circumnavigating the planet

RTW Trip Planning

Back in 2012, I took off on a solo trip around the world. Circumnavigating the planet is known as a “RTW Trip.” (I have no idea why nobody calls them “ATW.”) Back then, I went from Paris to Copenhagen to Malmö to...

Flying From Sydney to LAX {VIDEO!}

This video sums up a 13+ hour journey from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to Los Angeles, California, USA on a Delta Air Lines 777 in less than four minutes!